This is me, the girl behind Jozi Girl Eats as you may have seen on Instagram. I am a young inspiring entrepreneur living in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg. I grew up in the Northern Suburbs and spent a year living in the Mother City, Cape Town.


After studying I ended up in a corporate company as a data capturer and then became a personal assistant but after years of working in an office environment, I realized that sitting behind a desk from 8 – 5 just wasn’t for me! I had completed my photography qualifications and opened my own photography business which I managed part-time. I did photoshoots on weekends/holidays and my passion exploded!2018-08-31 (559) FL Portraits _ Social Media for Lorna ~ JCVJ Edit

Food photography always gave me the most inspiration. From cooking or baking to designing and plating I could then take my perfect picture {and, of course, tucking in afterward}. This filled my heart with an abundance of happiness! My love and passion for good food grew and transpired into creating healthy wholesome recipes that I could cook and share with my friends and family.  I am so proud to say that I am now a full-time blogger on Jozi Girl Eats as well as owner and photographer at Lorna Jane Photography  with a studio that I have opened in the heart of Fourways.

In early 2018 I made a huge life-changing decision and stopped taking the contraceptive pill after being on it for ten years! I then decided to complete a course in nutrition & weight management so that I could gain more knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle, balancing hormones naturally and skin care. This is something I incorporate into my everyday life and I want to share living a healthy active lifestyle with everyone!

2018-08-31 (23) FL Portraits _ Social Media for Lorna ~ JCVJ Edit

If you have a brand, product, store/cafe you would like to work with me on or if you are simply just looking for nutritional advice on wholesome recipes + balanced eating + inner healing + healthy hormones and just an overall holistic lifestyle approach kindly fill out the form on my contact page. I would love to connect with you!

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The content, recipes, guides, and information found on this website is my view on research I have done. Jozi Girl Eats does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have a health problem or a general health question, you should contact your general health practitioner.