Dinner Time Stories​

I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to Dinner Time Stories with Le Petit Chef for a mind blowing culinary adventure around the world!

From the visuals to the colours, decor, and food this really was such an incredible evening with 6 mouth-watering courses and a hilarious entertaining little chef to take you along for a one of a kind ride!


Course 1 ~ Amuse Bouche ~ Paired with Le Courier Chenin Blanc

This course takes you deep into the ocean on a magical boat ride filled with “seafood” delights…

Course 1
My special little box here is vegetarian and contained the most delicious potatoes!

Course 2 ~ Arabian ~ Paired with The Smous Sauvignon Blanc

This course has got to be my favourite! The flavour combinations and presentation was in true Arabic style! I used to live in Dubai so taking a trip down memory lane was just such a treat for me!



Course 3 ~ Indian ~ Paired with The Anvil Shiraz

Next, Le Petit Chef takes you on an Indian food adventure into a world of incredible spices and flavours. I love mango atchar so this was a win for me! The lassi with pear shavings is like a soothing smoothie to help cool the mouth, but if you can’t handle the heat get out the kitchen – jokes!



Course 4 ~ Himalayan ~ Palate Cleanser

Ok so – this has got to be the most ascetically pleasing course, the presentation is ten out of ten paired with a fresh citrus palate cleanser.



Course 5 ~ Chinese ~ Paired with Fatman Pinotage

And for the last main course we fly into the heart of China, swooping in and fighting off fiery dragons!

The roasted BBQ egg plant was presented in a beautiful Chinese pot and was topped with sesame seeds, so so delicious!




Course 6 ~ Dessert ~ Paired with Pardonnez Moi Cinsaut

Last but not least, dessert! Let me just start with saying that I am a huge creme brulee fan #enoughsaid.. this is high up on my list for the best creme brûlée I have ever had, so creamy and “moreish”



And that concludes my wonderful food experience around the world with Le Petit Chef!

If you would like to see more from this incredible food adventure please visit my Instagram page below and look for the highlight reel “Le Petit Chef” for a full review from the night’s events!



Dying to attend and experience Dinner Time Stories???

Contact Details –



Paul Rouessart | Owner DinnerTimeStories SA

E info@dinnertimestories.co.za | M + 27 (0) 81 266 2661


Tanith Hillocks I Banqueting Manager

T +27 (0) 11 290 0900 | F +27 (0) 86 518 8244

E banqueting.quatermain@faircity.co.za | W www.faircity.co.za




*All above dishes are vegetarian to suit my dietry needs, standard dishes are available. Thank you to the Dinner Time Stories team for accomodating me.

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